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Are Sustaining Innovations Expensive?

The cost of Defend & Extend – Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Dell, HP by Adam Hartung In theory, Sustaining Innovations that help a company Defend & Extend its products are supposed to be cheap. The breakthrough is done, and the investments on variations, derivatives and enhancements are “engineering” as opposed to “science” so the development is supposedly more easily ...

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Fastest Follower Usually the Innovation Winner

In our innovation circles, we like to celebrate the pioneers. They are the folks that establish the trail and go where no one has gone before. We highlight their advancements and hold up their accomplishments. But what often goes unsaid or unnoticed is that many pioneers die right on the cusp of success. Who are the ultimate winners? The Fastest ...

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Apple – From Underdog to Overlord

With the market power that comes with success, can Apple keep its friends? by Idris Mootee When a company acquires significant market power and becomes super successful, it will have fewer friends. It is more so in software and hardware business as they try to push each other around to get certain standard or platform adopted. Apple used to have ...

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