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The 2015 Global Innovation 1000 Study from Strategy&

The geographic footprint of innovation is changing dramatically as research and development programs become more global. An overwhelming 94 percent of the world’s largest innovators now conduct elements of their R&D programs abroad, according to the 2015 Global Innovation 1000 study, our annual analysis of corporate R&D spending. These companies are...

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Educating the World: 45 Resources to Help You Widen Your Impact

There is an incredible amount to be said for the small difference educators make daily in the lives of students and colleagues, but many of us don’t realize how easy it can be to expand that difference to a global scale. Countless organizations and individuals across the world are involved in an international education movement that brings communities and cultures together in the name of human progress.

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2014 Careers: Stop Playing Chess, Start Playing Risk

The chess analogy comes from the common experience of being "moved" like a piece on a chessboard. I spent 25 years as a software engineer doing essentially the same exact thing year over year: building and shipping products in the high-tech industry. Some of the most frustrating career experiences were the result of decisions that a manager or an executive would make where I was moved to a new project without due consideration.

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