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Are Petrol Stations the Future of Starbucks?

Recently the Seattle Times published an article from the Washington Post highlighting a gas station in Maryland that has made the bold move of turning off its gas pumps and installing electric charging stations in their place. Which got me thinking… Given that in the early days of automobiles you had to go to the pharmacy and buy gasoline in ...

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Will Your Strategy Kill Your Company?

Many companies once believed - and some of them evidently still do - that business models were essentially immortal. The prevailing attitude was that while product portfolios might need to be refreshed every now and again, successful strategies would remain successful for the rest of time. Shell would suck oil out of the ground, General Motors would make cars, Xerox would make copiers, and that's the way it would always be.

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Old Expectations More Dangerous Than Old Ideas

It’s rare that you’ll find a quote from General Motors in an innovation blog, but I read that Dan Akerson, Chairman and CEO of General Motors, gave the commencement address at Bryant University. Akerson gave a fine commencement address, full of self-deprecating humor and advice for the graduates. But one thing he said, tucked in at the end, was important. ...

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