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What’s Your Conventional Wisdom?

How is it keeping you from winning? by Holly G. Green It’s hard to beat experience, strength and knowledge, right? Try telling that to the Los Angeles Lakers. Conventional wisdom said the Lakers were primed to win their third consecutive NBA title this year. They had a tall, dominating front line with Gasol, Bynum and Odom. Their coach had won ...

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Imagining a Future Innovation Operating System

Web 3.0 relates to the way Web is coming into real world, interacting with every value creation processes.  Let’s see how it changes innovation management and leads to build a specific innovation Operating System. There have been two main Internet waves: Web 1.0 has opened a new window to the world: in a mouse click and a stridently modem connection, ...

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Critical Knowledge

Are we prepared for the future? by Caspar van Rijnbach In the Age of Knowledge, the competitiveness and future of companies, is becoming more and more dependent on the knowledge companies possess and how they use, share and protect it. It is not that hard to agree with me on this. However, it is not that easy to manage. In ...

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A Fresh Approach to Future Innovation

Achieving a sense of renewal to your innovation activities by Paul Hobcraft We need to constantly renew within ourselves. There is a time when your innovation efforts may need a serious renewal and for many this might be now. Knowing when to invest in an innovation renewal and organizing for it is like any other organizational activity. Those that are ...

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Television: Part 1 – We’re All Screenagers

4 Visionaries Who Saw Far Into The Future And How They Did It

Television is the ultimate connector. I’ve been saying this for a long time. The reason TV is so engaging is because it uses sight, sound and motion to deliver the three keys to a person’s heart – mystery, sensuality and intimacy. Every year the last few decades, trend pieces start popping up in magazines predicting “The death of television,” yet ...

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Time for an Assumption Inventory?

It’s been said that in today’s chaotic markets, the only sustainable competitive advantage may be the ability to learn faster than your competitors. I disagree. The ability for leaders and managers to learn quickly is certainly a critical advantage. Especially in industries where new technologies and/or rapidly changing customer expectations can disrupt the status quo overnight. But the ability to ...

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