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Don't Believe the Innovation Hype

There are some strange rumors circulating out there that I’ve written a book. Before these rumors spin out of control, I thought I should address you, the loyal and valued readers of Blogging Innovation, and set the record straight. I have not written a novel, an autobiography, or a tell-all book. Let us be clear. Despite what some people might ...

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Building a Better Pizza

How Much Can Innovation Sell Pies? by Robert F. Brands with Jeff Zbar First, there was pizza – round dough, with cheese, sauce, and toppings. Then, competition arrived, and the simple pizza pie simply wasn’t enough. Delivery companies began a string of innovations. Hand-tossed, think-crust, “Chicago-style,” stuffed crust and “Meat Lovers” were among the pies du jour. Then one chain ...

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