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Harvard Study Reveals One Exercise That Predicts 96% Lower Cardiovascular Risk

In less that 10 minutes you can gauge your risk of a heart disease or a cardiac event by doing this exercise. Cardiovascular diseases ranks as the number cause of death worldwide. And while it’s well known that even moderate exercise can significantly lower cardiovascular risk, diagnosing that risk has often involved numerous expensive clinical tests. I’ve written in the ...

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What Working Out Teaches You About Life

Five of the Most Important Things You’ll Learn About Being a Success Come From an Unlikely Place This time of year, new health club contracts surge by about 50 percent. The second week in January is historically the busiest time of the year for any gym. However, by the second week of February, 80 percent of all new members will ...

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Pushing My Personal Limits with Innovation

Physiclo Basketball Resistance Tights

About two months ago I came across an article in Engadget about Physiclo, a startup company launched to provide resistance clothing for athletes. I’m assuming their name Phyisclo is a mashup of the words physical + clothing. Cute. As a basketball player for which height and youth are not advantages (I’m about 5’8” and a bit past my 21st birthday ...

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Innovation is Human

In many ways organizations are like humans, and others have described organizations and organizational change in biological terms before. But this biological context applies to innovation as well, and I'd like to put it forward quickly in simple terms.

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Fit for Work

I’ve blogged before about not getting a lot of free time – and liking it that way. For me, work-life integration is about finding compelling work and devoting everything I have to performing at peak. So it’s interesting to read that the American College of Sports Medicine’s top 20 predicted worldwide fitness trends for 2011 includes, for the first time, ...

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