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Seven Ways Even Smart Companies Kill Great Ideas

You can't live without innovation. It's why you're in business. But as you grow, innovation also becomes a threat. It threatens to disrupt your existing business model, products, and services. It threatens to upset your customers, who have become accustomed to a certain way of doing things. It threatens your partners and employees, who have developed expertise in the way things currently work. That's the real reason innovation is so hard. While we espouse its values, we also build defenses against it.

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The Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success is…

The Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success is...

Unlearning this peculiar behavior is the key to unlocking the potential of your dreams. Entrepreneurship is like climbing Everest; you can make all the excuses you want about not having the skills, the endurance, or the equipment, but many people who have all of these still don’t even make it to base camp. Here’s why. What if I told you ...

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Fear to Innovate

What was I doing! How could I have been so cruel and naive to not understand the differences between people’s cognitive understanding of fear and their natural resistance to having a visceral experience of it!

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Running a Red Light is Dangerous in Innovation

Organizations so often leave their own futures to the last minute by failing to recognize or acknowledge they are running out of time, the situation they have been so use too for such a long time has suddenly changed. Well, for the vast majority, there was nothing “sudden” about it, they simply left it too late, ignoring all the warning signs and they decided to run that “red light” as a last minute panic to catch up and be back in charge of their innovation destiny.

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