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Market Gap – Collaboration as Innovative Strategy

Talking with an entrepreneur recently about innovative approaches to community-improvement, he discussed a market gap he perceives isn’t being adequately addressed by current community organization resources in his city. It’s not that no community organization is trying to be innovative and address the issue. To the contrary, there are many community and private organizations, large and small...

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What Entrepreneur Ever Got a Degree in Entrepreneurship?

For some time now I've been convinced that education will go the same way as the music industry. The similarities are profound. They both charge more and more for a product of reducing quality by a means that's out of touch with modern needs. A few weeks ago I was at an education event and was introduced to a professor of entrepreneurship. During our conversation it turned out that she had never bought any company shares, had never invested in a startup, and had never worked for any kind of company. It struck me that it was a bit like having the Pope teach a course on sex, reproduction and parenting. What possible value could this professor possibly add, what insights and wisdoms?

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Innovators are Effectual Thinkers

Innovation is less about causal thinking than it is about effectual thinking. I confess I didn’t know “effectual” was a word until I was recently directed to the ground breaking research of Dr. Saras Sarasvathy, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. She interviewed 45 successful entrepreneurs. (Or, more accurately, asked them to think out loud ...

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