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Creed Perfume's Desire Problem

Surprising new consumer research results show Creed Perfume’s Spring Flowers has a significant gap in generating an emotional connection through its packaging. The research was conducted by Buyology Inc, which quantitatively measures the deeper emotional connections to brands and packaging.

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Innovation Provocateur

The questions we turn our attention to can have a profound impact on innovation. Think of questions as the parents of answers: they will serve as a creative catalyst for innovation. Immersing your team for an entire day in a chunky question could set them free from the shackles of conventional thinking and take them down the path of creating something altogether novel. Here are some big questions to consider:

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Want to influence others? Stop being so rational!

Salespeople have known it for years. People buy on emotion and then justify their decision with facts and logic. That’s why the best salespeople always lead with an emotional “hook” before presenting the facts and features about their product or service. So why, as business leaders, do we usually get it bass-ackwards when trying to sell our ideas or initiatives ...

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