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Innovation Lineage Threads – a longitudinal update

I believe that the path that knowledge takes, from a local innovator, to a corporate boundary spanner, to an implementation team, to a delivered asset, can be traced and measured. I also believe that this measurement, once studied, can reveal ways to accelerate innovation and point out areas of knowledge that are yet to be converted. I've long been a fan of provenance, and I love the concept of "idea lineage". The lineage can be studied to reduce asset delivery time.

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Phase 6 Innovation Analytics: Operationalize

This is the last in a series of posts describing a methodology (EMC's Data Analytics LifeCycle) for using analytics to measure innovation at a multi-national corporation. This lifecycle is taught at the Data Science and Big Data Analytics course created by EMC, and I've blogged my way through each phase of the lifecycle and have arrived at the end (Phase 6).

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