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The Rock in Your Shoe

Many who have claimed to be innovative leaders rested comfortably in the hope that they would continually lead “in the flow” because they believed they’d have an accurate understanding of what laid ahead. Sure there were minor “tweaks” along the way, but these leaders comfortably sat atop inflatable tubes riding the lazy river of predictability – and prayed that the river would never bend.

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Lifehacks for Productivity

My attention of late has been focused on how to be more action-oriented, and I realized I’ve been poorly equipped with tools (techniques, processes, frameworks, and technologies) for Getting Shit Done [GSD]. So I have been experimenting with different ways of holding myself accountable and moving towards more integrity in thought :: word :: action.

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The 2nd Most Powerful Word in Innovation

Effectiveness. The second most powerful word in delivering new economic value (aka innovation) is effectiveness. Peter Drucker wrote extensively on effectiveness and the subject is worth reflecting upon when determining how and where to find growth opportunities an embarking on any innovation program.

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