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Wendy Kopp Interview (World Innovation Forum)

I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Kopp, Founder and CEO of Teach for America at the World Innovation Forum. Wendy is also the CEO and Founder of Teach For All, and the author of “One Day, All Children…”. “Twenty years ago, the prevailing notion was that there was no way to eliminate educational inequality based on socio-economics in the ...

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Idea Of D.School Meets B.School is Not New

Three People Advocated It Very Early On by Idris Mootee I was speaking a keynote yesterday at an Innovation Camp. It was great place to share our stories and our journey to make innovation a ‘business’ discipline. I showed the audience the path to innovation is never a logical one. The fuzziness goes beyond the front end and extends into ...

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Innovation is a Form of Win-Win Negotiation

Almost three decades ago, Ury and Fisher published their ground-breaking negotiation method, “Getting to Yes” that laid the foundation of win-win negotiation. Reflecting back on my early years in B2B Account Management and my current activities in Technology, I was struck by the parallels between win-win negotiation and innovation. Negotiators look for the fundamental interests underneath the positions. For instance, ...

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