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This Small Startup Is Building The Tools That May Power The Quantum Era

In 2012, Shaun Wilson and Michael Brett were designing aerospace simulation software. On one particular project, Lockheed Martin’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Ned Allen, mentioned that it had just acquired an early quantum computer from D-Wave Systems, which he thought would help with computational work. They were impressed. “We found that it was an incredibly promising technology, Brett told me. “We ...

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Digital Technology is Changing the Innovation Game

Digital technologies are beginning to have a real impact on the methods, approaches, and rates of our innovation outputs. Social technologies are giving us real-time understanding. We continually learn, often at our cost, that intuition and ‘gut feel’ on research set up and gathered weeks or more often months ago. This ‘knowledge’ is becoming out of date before we can ...

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7 Social Myths that Hold Organizations Back

When Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner, co-authors of The New Social Learning, began talking with organizations about benefiting from the natural powers of employees learning from one another, they heard more about their obstacles than their opportunities. While some were genuine issues leaders needed to face to move their organizations forward, several were myths, perpetuated by old school practices and a fear of losing control.

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