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How to Create Cluster Clutter

Digital health ecosystems have spread around the world. Like all clusters, they have a life cycle that starts with koombaya and the enthusiasm of creating something new and exciting but, unfortunately, at some point , devolve into conflicting interests who seem more interested in WIIFM with consequent confusion or blurring of the original vision, mission, values, value proposition, business model ...

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10 Reasons Why Digital Health Startups Fail

Startups, in general, fail for many reasons. One observer mentioned his top 5 reasons as 1) lack of capital, 2) expanding too soon, 3) heavy reliance on debt, 4) poor strategy, and 5) poor business model and plan. Ultimately, there are two basic reasons: 1)They make stuff no one wants to buy, and 2)they have a business model that is not valid ...

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