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How to Reduce Innovation Risk

Every day when I come to work I scan my Twitter stream and get insights from hundreds of people who have excellent perspectives on innovation. There are people who write about open innovation. There are people who write about business model innovation. There are people who write about new products, innovations in specific industries and topics like reverse innovation. The diversity of insights and range of topics demonstrates how valuable innovation can be. But while there is great diversity of opportunity, there also remains a great distribution of success and failure, which creates innovation risk. And while there are many types of innovation, one common factor in all innovation efforts is risk.

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Why Do We Want Innovations Yet Fear Innovation?

I was thinking about writing a blog post about corporate culture and its resistance to innovation. I even had this snappy analogy ready about how corporate culture is like a wet blanket thrown on the fire of innovation. Other ideas I wanted to explore included how corporations "but" ideas to death. But it won't work, but we don't have the people, but it will distract from our existing products. And so forth.

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