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The Intrapreneurs’ Factory

Intrapreneurship is an employee(s) initiative for developing new business within established firms, somehow different from the core business. The value creation is far from an all-or-nothing game; it blossoms in many directions: Intrapreneurship sparks new business lines: consider that Gmail, The Facebook like button, or the Sony Playstation were unraveled by intrapreneurs; Concurrently, intrapreneurship fosters personal development of employees. As intrapreneur skill set ...

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The Seven Habits of Effective Intrapreneurs (intro)

As an inventor I have witnessed a fairly distinctive pattern of intrapreneurship within my own multi-national corporation (EMC). The employees that are the most successful at advancing their ideas through the corporate maze tend to operate using a fairly well-defined rhythm. The chart below breaks down this rhythm into a set of discrete steps that can be learned and practiced by creative employees world-wide.

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