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The Yolks on You

Too often we all run around trying to pluck a gamechanging idea out of thin air that nobody has ever seen, solving a problem that has never been solved, when really if the truth be told, there are still lots of existing problems with lots of solutions that are still waiting for a simple, elegant solution.

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Is There a QOOQ In Your Kitchen?

In the era of tablet computing, one thing that might have been predictable amidst the rapid proliferation is specialization. To wit, the QOOQ tablet, pictured here, designed for a fairly narrow function: cooking. Why might you need a special tablet for your kitchen, you ask?

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Don't Believe the Innovation Hype

There are some strange rumors circulating out there that I’ve written a book. Before these rumors spin out of control, I thought I should address you, the loyal and valued readers of Blogging Innovation, and set the record straight. I have not written a novel, an autobiography, or a tell-all book. Let us be clear. Despite what some people might ...

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