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Rituals – The Secret to Instant Innovation

Why does knocking on the table before eating a baby carrot make it taste better? It may sound like a bad cracker joke, but researchers at the University of Minnesota and Harvard Business School have shown it to be true: Performing a ritual before eating said carrot made study participants believe it was better-tasting, and more expensive! The research demonstrated ...

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Four Innovation Insights From Customers

Customers, properly, have been having a renaissance of sorts in terms of business thinking. Peter Drucker famously espoused a very customer-centric business philosophy. Nowadays, social CRM represents the return of a customer-first orientation. Last year, Altimeter published the 18 use cases of social CRM. Included in those use cases were several that relate to innovation.

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Give the People What They Want

One of the reasons that innovation seems to miss its promise so often is that great many products and services are presented with great fanfare and expectations about how those products and services will delight customers. Far too often, those expectations are wrong. That's not to say the product or service is inadequate, or that the need doesn't exist. There's simply more to the story that innovators often overlook.

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