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How NASA Used an Unforgettable Image to Brilliantly Communicate a Big Message

In Arthur C. Clarke’s classic Space Odyssey Sci-fi series a recurring theme is the presence of a large back monolith built by an ancient civilization. The monolith has transformational powers that alter the trajectory of humanity, starting with our ancient cave-dwelling ancestors and then following our evolution through the modern day and into the future. While the questions of who ...

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Communications & Innovation: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Innovation does not occur in a vacuum. Nor does it occur when different departments operate within their own silos. For innovation to become a true competitive differentiator, companies need to encourage cross-functional collaboration – bringing together a diversity of the brightest minds across all jobs and grades to co-develop transformative ideas. While a growing number of organizations have designated corporate ...

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We are in need of a common language for innovation

Any innovation common language needs working upon. It firstly needs recognition it is in our best interests to find a common point. It needs to be relevant to each of us, it must be current, appropriate, accurate and highly visible throughout the entire organization. It also needs to be allowed to grow and flourish, to evolve and become the lingua ...

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Innovation Needs Communication

In 2014, Thomas Royen, a retired German statistician, solved a puzzle that had stumped mathematicians for decades. Called the Gaussian correlation inequality, it involves the probability of a random point lying in overlapping shapes and is one of those seemingly simple mathematical ideas that is devilishly hard to figure out. Yet the mathematics community was skeptical. Royen published his proof, ...

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The Nature of Work has Changed!

The Real Work of Innovation

Are communication technologies like Slack, Yammer and Skype actually helping us, or just getting in the way? Certainly, they have made it easier to communicate, share information and collaborate with colleagues, but what if all that extra communication is actually preventing us from getting important work done?

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Three Practical Ways to Turn Naysayers into Innovators

Outsmart Your Instincts

Finding new product ideas and innovations to excite customers requires colossal creative effort and a certain comfort level with risk-taking. The considerable effort to take a product from idea to development to launch is both time and energy intensive. If it also demands dealing with naysayers at the table who poke holes in every idea expressed along the way, valuable ...

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