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How to Prepare College Students to Innovate

Several years ago, when my nephew enrolled in business school at the University of Southern California, I asked him to ping me whenever the topic of innovation came up. He pinged very little. As an innovation speaker and expert, I’ve long been frustrated with the lack of innovation in the teaching of this increasingly vital topic. The one course he took ...

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Content and Process

Bennington College

Which is more important to get right, content or process? Is it better to do the right thing or do things right? Well, there are plenty of times where one or the other is most important, but in the vast majority of cases you have to get both right or you will suffer.  This weekend I am visiting my son, ...

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Innovating College Education

Interview: Steve Spinelli spans business, entrepreneurship, global management, and now higher education. President at PhilaU, he's pioneered a new model for professional education with an innovative curriculum based on transdisciplinary, real world learning infused with liberal arts.

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