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Hope and Sanity at Starbucks

Last spring McDonald’s launched a $100 million salvo in support of its new McCafe line of coffee drinks. I (along with everybody else) was worried about how Starbucks would fend off such an attack, and I wrote about how I hoped the company would be careful in how it responded: “Starbucks isn’t just a coffeehouse, it’s a concept. It’s not ...

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There is No Shortage of Wicked Problems

Just The Coffee Cup Alone Is A Hard One To Solve, Not For The Lack Of Trying. by Idris Mootee Sustainability and in particularly recycling is a very tricky topic. Just use coffee cup as an example, Today there are 58 billion disposable coffee cups being thrown away, un-recycled, around the world each year. Often least understood by consumers and ...

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Starbucks and Big Tobacco

Back in the 1950's smoking was glamorous, and just about everybody who was anybody smoked cigarettes. Then came the discovery, to the shock of millions, that sucking smoke into your lungs might not be good for you. Then came another revelation that one of the substances in tobacco, nicotine, which was used as a poison by the Egyptians during the times of the Great Pyramids, is addictive. People then began a mass exodus from the consumption of nicotine via inhaled smoke.

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