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Conscious Capitalism: Conversation with Selim Bassoul, CEO of Middleby

Please tell me the Middleby Definition of Conscious Capitalism.  We define it as socially responsible business both locally and globally.   How does Middleby use the CC model in its operations? How does it measure and report the outcomes? The hallmark of Middleby management is that we lead by example. We have a culture of very few layers and all employees can make an impact. ...

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Conscious Capitalism: Conversation with Raj Sisoda, Part One

Raj Sisoda is the Professor of Global Business, Babson College, Co-founder & Co-Chairman, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Raj has written ten books and over 100 academic articles. He is the co-author (with John Mackey, co-founder, and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market) of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business (Harvard Business Review Publishing, 2013), a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He is also ...

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Another Conscious Company: Which Wich

Describe the Vibe and how it helps the company operate. The Vibe is the positive energy that’s at the heart of our culture and courses through the veins of the Which Wich system. When I founded Which Wich, I really wanted to build a special company where every member of the team would feel like they were making an impact in ...

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Mobilizing People’s Creative Energy

What if there is a way to create coherence, align people’s hearts & minds as well as build an environment that generates learning & results in organizational re-organisation & transformation? At ImagineNation™ we know that this can be done by transforming people’s cognitive dissonance into the vibrant & creative energy that makes innovation happen. Just think about how much easier ...

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Let’s Get Real About Innovation Hurdles

This is a brief case study for meaningful & constructive conversations about why things aren’t working within our innovation efforts. — Quick intro I’m passionate about helping people take their best ideas to market, and I’m fully aware that ideas can come from anyone or anywhere. But to get to market is often a complicated process full of ambiguity and ...

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5 Tips for Innovative Designs

innovative designs

Tip #1 for Innovative Designs: There Are No Small Changes Innovative designs mean change, right? Often, yes, but caution is in order, “We want to limit the length of a review in the product to 140 characters, because we may want to use SMS at some stage. That’s a small change, right?” A stakeholder remark as recounted in There’s no ...

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