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What Would it Take to Build an Electric Supercar?

I love watching Top Gear, and there was a segment on the newest Mercedes SLS Supercar, the AMG Black. They pushed it hard around the track, the engine roaring like thunder. However, they then mentioned that this wasn't even the most powerful new model of the SLS Mercedes is coming out with, and that to really hear what more power sounded like, you should turn up the volume on your TV now, the car came racing into view and then: silence. The most powerful Mercedes is electric.

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Innovation Challenges in Laggard Markets

Early this year a Groupon copycat was in my office building: Grupongo. I don’t know if they exist anymore but they’ve since closed operations in Tijuana. I have no insight into why they closed operations, but I do have an idea since I got to talk to the Regional Sales Manager a few months before.

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The Sky is NOT the Limit

Meet Peter Diamandis - the visionary man behind the X Prize Foundation which provides financial awards to spur the next generation of big thinkers and enable inventors to solve the world's biggest crises. Through this dynamic portrait we see the world through Diamandis' inspired point of view. Revolution through Competition!

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