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We Need to Stop Glorifying Failure and Do This Instead

Over 50% of startups fail (and that number goes up to 75% for venture backed startups). The same is true of about three quarters of corporate transformations, which is probably why the average lifespan on the S&P 500 continues to shrink. These statistics tell a humbling story: few significant endeavors ever actually succeed. So it’s probably not surprising that we’ve ...

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What innovation are you most thankful for? – Gobble-Tov

Gobble-Tov! In the United States we are about to celebrate our annual Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, where families and friends reconnect and reconvene to share a big meal (often including turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie), to read, to watch movies, or possibly to watch some American Football. But most importantly, we all come together to share what we are thankful for.

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