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The Executive Broker

Given that social media provided an avenue for emerging strategists, there was precious little advice describing how an individual contributor could execute strategy. This is where the role of Invisible Executive was born.

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Job Hunting in a Social Media World

Are You Keeping Up? by Holly G. Green A colleague sent me an interesting report the other day – 125 Linked-In Job Search Tips. It’s a great read that got me thinking about how much things have changed in the employment landscape since I started my career. It also reminded me of how critical it is to keep up to ...

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Re-Recruiting Your Best Talent

Your Best Defense Against Restless Feet by Holly G. Green Suppose one-third of your employees suddenly walked off the job. Think it might impact your ability to serve your customers and achieve your strategic goals? Granted, the odds of every third employee taking a hike all at once are slim. But according to a recent survey conducted by MetLife, 36 ...

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