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BP Technology Group, how technology can impact the energy industry out to 2050

Stephen Cook is Chief Commercial Officer, Group Technology at BP since 2017, committed to  commercial deals in technology-related business development, also cultivating and delivering capability in technology strategy, and intelligence. Can you describe the missions of your entity, the Group Technology at BP? Group Technology is BP’s central innovation function, providing joined-up leadership of technology in BP to create transformational ...

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Innovation and Optimism

I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of optimism and how it pertains to innovation and to issues like the Gulf Oil spill. This promises to be a long and rambling post, so suffice it to say that most innovators are optimists, and wouldn't be innovators otherwise. Yet we have to balance the challenges that optimism introduces into the reality the world imposes.

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Why Hollywood Will Succeed Where BP Has Failed

As efforts to contain the Gulf spill appear to be on the brink of collapse, Costner’s Ocean Therapy device is going to be tested in real life conditions – monstrously larger than life conditions, actually. As a scientist or simply a logical human being can I affirm that the device will work? No, I can’t. But I will. Why? Let’s ...

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