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Microsoft ReOrg – Crafty or Confusing?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer appears to be planning a major reorganization. The apparent objective is to help the company move toward becoming a "devices and services company" as presented in the company's annual shareholder letter last October. But, the question for investors is whether this is a crafty move that will help Microsoft launch renewed profitable growth, or is it leadership further confusing customers and analysts while leaving Microsoft languishing in stalled markets?

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Innovating at Scale in a Successful Company

Large successful organizations have a hard time creating large scale innovations. When a company’s on the brink of death, they entertain many radical alternatives, but economic health is the enemy of change — which is one of Microsoft’s great problems. Ray Ozzie, now the Chief Software Architect of Microsoft, was at Lotus development when they dominated PC software. According to ...

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Fastest Follower Usually the Innovation Winner

In our innovation circles, we like to celebrate the pioneers. They are the folks that establish the trail and go where no one has gone before. We highlight their advancements and hold up their accomplishments. But what often goes unsaid or unnoticed is that many pioneers die right on the cusp of success. Who are the ultimate winners? The Fastest ...

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