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Making Social Media Work for You

I was asked recently by BBC Radio 4 about how I use social media to achieve real results, bearing in mind that this artform also doubles as a 'favourite waste of time' for some people. I was drawn towards two examples, one hugely successful, the other a comedy of errors which ended in glorious failure.

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The Godfather of Punk on Creativity and Innovation

Richard Strange is ‘punk rock’s illegitimate Godfather’, having preceded the Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Ramones and The Clash with his highly influential pop art band ‘The Doctors of Madness’. Richard’s career has spanned pop art, punk, writing and acting, most famously for his film roles in Batman, alongside Jack Nicholson and in Robin Hood and Harry Potter.

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Innovation Flow – personal mastery explored

Mastery, unconscious competence, effortless genius. These are all ways to describe the state of ‘flow’. At a personal level, innovation excellence relies on our ability to master the state of effortless genius. What can we learn about ‘flow’ from music that we can transfer to the world of innovation and personal excellence?

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