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Why are we so Gloomy about Human Progress?

How well-informed are you about the state of the world? Please try this short quiz. How did you get on? Most well-educated people do badly in this little test. The average person gets only two or three questions right out of 13. This is because we generally hold a distorted view of the world – we see the world as ...

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What’s in Your OODA Loop?

The model Colonel John Boyd developed as a fighter pilot, dubbed the OODA Loop for “Observe, Orient, Decide and Act” has become the foundation for agile strategy used for success in environments from legal, to business, and to war. Lt. Colonel Matthew Fritz shows us why..

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How Machines Learn

It’s fun to look at old pictures of Bill Gates from back when he was a boy genius. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, he arrived on the scene looking very much like the nerd he was; big glasses and a sheepish grin, like he's just happy, albeit a bit embarrassed, to be invited to the party. He’s grown up a lot since then. Years of success and media training have given him a quiet confidence.

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