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Finding Your Silver Bullet in an Apple Pie

A parable… Once upon a time, a man was served a dessert of home baked apple pie at a dinner hosted by his neighbor. The man had never before tasted such a perfect pie crust. “What is your secret?” he asked his host. “You are welcome to my recipe,” replied the neighbor. “There’s no secret. It’s all right there in ...

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Core Competence Management in the Era of Open Innovation

“Core competences” are a major concept in managing innovations and technologies. In the era of Open Innovation, the established concept of core competence management needs to be updated. innovation-3's Frank Mattes recently met with a group of 20 innovation / technology managers from leading firms to work out how this could be done – with the practitioner’s perspective in mind.

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Innovation Best Practice is a Verb not a Noun

One of the central tenets of 20th Century business has been ‘best practices’.   Let’s dissect this veritable oxymoron: Best: highest quality, standing (at a point in time, place and context) Practice: a habit or custom (noun) or to do repeatedly to acquire proficiency Admittedly, and importantly, there are things to learn from others successes and failures.  But, one of the big mistakes companies ...

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