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The Power of Mystery in Branding

If you are taking the time read this article, it is evidence of the power delivered by the juxtaposition of mystery and branding. Its power comes from the intrigue that mystery offers as it sets up an expectation of something more interesting to consider than the typical brand fare.

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The Godfather of Punk on Creativity and Innovation

Richard Strange is ‘punk rock’s illegitimate Godfather’, having preceded the Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Ramones and The Clash with his highly influential pop art band ‘The Doctors of Madness’. Richard’s career has spanned pop art, punk, writing and acting, most famously for his film roles in Batman, alongside Jack Nicholson and in Robin Hood and Harry Potter.

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Innovate Mobile Content Now!

Has the time come to be more innovative in entertainment content and create a new genre of programming to fit the mobile device ? The fifteen minute short show of fast-paced content, longer than YouTube and shorter than TV, could better suit viewing on a mobile device. Like a short story, the narrative arc and show style could result in punchier, bite-sized content.

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