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How IBM, Google and Amazon Innovate Differently

Every organization strives to innovate, but few succeed consistently over time. That’s why so many once dominant companies hit a peak and then decline. A recent study estimates that 50% of the current S&P 500 will be replaced over the next ten years. Success is supposed to breed success, but it often breeds failure. Yet IBM, Google and Amazon have ...

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How Amazon Innovates

In 2014, Stephenie Landry was finishing up her one-year stint as Technical Advisor to Jeff Wilke, who oversees Amazon’s worldwide consumer business, which is a mentor program that allows high potential executives to shadow a senior leader and learn first-hand. Her next assignment would define her career. At most companies, an up-and-comer like Stephenie might be given a division to ...

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3 Things About Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition That Nobody Is Talking About … Yet

The three game changers guiding Amazon’s long strategy will forever alter the way we think about customer experience. Jeff Bezos’ vision for the future of Amazon goes well beyond the short term speculation about the pending Whole Foods acquisition. The din around Amazon’s $13.7 Billion acquisition of Whole Foods has been deafening. Most of it has focused on the expansion ...

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How Does Amazon Do It? Five Critical Factors That Explain Amazon’s Incredible Success

With Amazon edging towards becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company, fresh attention is being paid to the factors that could derail its growth. The company slowed a bit this quarter, sending the stock down eleven percent. Nevertheless, this downtick should not distract from the reality that Amazon has emerged as the new model of innovation effectiveness. They are something new in ...

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Jeff Bezos Just Shared His Secret for Amazon’s Success (and Yours as Well)

This one concept captures beautifully all of the trials, tribulations, and magic of the entrepreneurial spirit. Every so often you come across a concept so elegant in its simplicity that you can’t help but be drawn to it because of how easily it reduces even the most complex set of ideas into something short and memorable. For example, Malcolm Gladwell’s ...

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The Little Innovation which Transformed Online Shopping

Ready or Not? Black Friday Online Shopping Frenzy - Innovation Excellence

It is clear that the internet has transformed how we shop.  More people are buying more products and services on-line than ever before.  High-street retailers and big brands are suffering at the hands of on-line merchants large and small.  There is one often overlooked innovation which has enabled this trend.  It is buyer/seller feedback. A key component of any business ...

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