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Five Innovation Lessons from 3M

3M is an iconic innovative company. Although mostly known for “sticky and scratchy things” (post-its and sandpaper), 3M have over 55,000 products, releasing 25 new products per week and had over 3700 global patents granted in 2016. Over 90,000 employees, 200 manufacturing plants and 86 labs are all focused on progressing 3M’s innovation agenda, but how do 3M maintain and ...

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Innovating Fast and Slow

In recent years our understanding of the workings of the brain has increased dramatically. Science has provided meaningful insights into the mechanics of how we think, with business implications for everything from marketing to organizational behavior. Innovators, too, can benefit from these findings.

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The Magic Pill of World Class Innovation

Google, Apple, GE, 3M, Nokia, Procter & Gamble … some of the most recognizable innovative companies in the world. Everyone wants to know, how can they be so innovative? What’s their secret to success, and how can I become as innovative and successful as them? Well, good news! There is a magic pill that will make everyone in your organization ...

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