HP Cannot be Apple or IBM

I’ve written a couple of posts recently about the importance of being earnest. No, not the Oscar Wilde play, but the importance of understanding, communicating and simply “being” what and who you are as a company when you innovate. The common mistake that many firms have is that they believe innovation is about a cool product. While a cool product ...

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Innovator Profile – Sarah Miller Caldicott

What if you were related to Thomas Edison?  You might wonder, as Sarah Miller Caldicott, his great grandniece, did… exactly “why the Edison phonograph and cylindrical records in her childhood home worked so differently from the small plastic record player that spun 45’s and wax LP’s?” She wondered, “How did they get this way?” Wondered indeed. Caldicott went on wondering how ...

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Innova Latino Report Shows Region Leapfrogging

For the InnovaLatino Survey, released by INSEAD and the Development Center of the OECD, more than 1,500 manufacturing firms from eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) were surveyed to compile the InnovaLatino Report which documents Latin America’s tech-readiness and was funded by Fundación Telefónica. Latin America faces numerous geographical and geopolitical challenges and generally ...

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