Social Media's Future

Here we are. It's early in 2012 and the tech prophets are hard at it, making their predictions for the coming year. Among their "more of the same, but faster, smaller, and cheaper" prognostications, it's their forecasts for social networking that have particularly caught my eye.

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End of the Line for the Printed Word

One trend was highlighted again today. Of eight people sunbathing and reading around the pool, only two had paper books - and one of those was me. My excuse is that I had been running a conference in Miami and was given a book on quantum mechanics. Otherwise there would have only been one paper book in evidence.

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Innovation & Public Policy – What CEOs Want

On January 13, the Brookings Institution will gather the CEOs of leading U.S. businesses for a day-long series of panels addressing job creation, economic competitiveness, and innovations in technology. The program will include state and federal experts who will discuss strategies reaching from local innovation to global competition, and address ideas for reducing the budget deficit without undermining strategies to revitalize the economy.

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