Is There a QOOQ In Your Kitchen?

In the era of tablet computing, one thing that might have been predictable amidst the rapid proliferation is specialization. To wit, the QOOQ tablet, pictured here, designed for a fairly narrow function: cooking. Why might you need a special tablet for your kitchen, you ask?

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Parsimonious Innovation

In the field of innovation, as in many endeavors in life, there is a constant tension between simplicity and complexity. When we see a new idea applied in the form of an innovative solution to a problem, we are sometimes astounded by the simplicity of the idea, thus generating the oft-heard quip “why didn’t I think of that?”.

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The New Industrial Revolution

Most ideas go unnoticed because they require investment capital and distribution to make their way into the physical world. That’s beginning to change. While your ability to start a successful business still depends greatly on the place and situation of your birth many of the barriers to getting ideas to market are disappearing. We’re in the midst of a new industrial revolution, which is cleaner, more efficient and more inclusive.

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