Simple Analogy to Demystify AI

Still Trying To Demystify AI? Here’s A Simple Analogy That Even A 10-Year-Old Can Follow. The buzz about AI is everywhere, but most of us still think of AI as a black box. It isn’t. Look Ma…No Hands! In the first column of this two-part series I talked about how leading-edge AI, such as DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero, can train itself ...

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Should Tech Workers Worry About Age Discrimination?

43 Percent of Boomer Tech Employees Are Worried About Losing Their Jobs. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t Be The workforce is changing in ways that are much more complex than the generational stereotypes we’ve bought into. There’s nothing new about the fear of diminishing employment options as we age. But what is new is the antidote. Just published research of 1,011 ...

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The Killer App For Driverless Cars

Few of us have even thought about this particular use of driverless cars. But once you know you won’t want to live without it. This is the second in my series of columns on Autonomous Vehicles. Of all the potential benefits to driverless cars, and there are many, I’m going to bet that there is one that you probably haven’t ...

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Here’s How To Keep Your Data Project From Running Of The Rails

Data And Technology Don't Change Your Culture, They Reveal it - Innovation Excellence

We were told that “data is the new oil.” The Internet of Things combined with the ability to store massive amounts of data and powerful new analytical techniques like machine learning would help derive important new insights, automate processes and transform business models. It seemed like a massive opportunity. Yet Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker‏ estimates as many as 85% of ...

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