How Platform as a Service Will Spur Innovation in Manufacturing Software

Today, I want to discuss the lowering of barriers to entry for manufacturing software development. Recent developments in Cloud computing have made it much easier and cheaper to develop manufacturing applications. The latest development in Cloud computing that is spurring innovation in the manufacturing software industry is platform as a service -- or (PaaS) to manufacturing software.

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More Innovation Lessons from Big Pharma

I recently wrote in these pages about how Innovation Practitioners can benefit from leveraging concepts that the leading pharmaceutical companies are using to transform their approach to Research and Development. Apparently this transformation is not limited to Big Pharma’s R&D. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Jonathan Rockoff writes about recent changes underway to the salesforces at Big Pharma. Understanding those changes can bear fruit for students of innovation.

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Building an Experience

As people become ever more immune to traditional advertising and marketing, branding will become more important. Branding is all about building an emotional connection with customers. Making the decision to follow a strategy focused on building a brand is not without peril, however, as it means that you will have to choose to not do certain things, like pursue a low price strategy.

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