Will Product Intelligence Develop the Next Sensor Device?

Kobi Gershoni oversees Signals' research methodologies and analytics team. Today he shares data visualization and a Personal Healthcare case study that demonstrates how open source intelligence, or the practice of connecting the dots between publicly available source types, enables a new path to evidence-based decision support for new product development. Let’s see how it works...

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Innovation by Acquisition in High-Tech

As workload complexity increased, applications began to utilize three very different forms of storage interfaces: block, file, and object. This in turn led to the deployment of different storage architectures within the data center: SAN, NAS, and CAS. Each of these three architectures internally organized application metadata in different ways...

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Application Workloads and Object Innovation

The increased importance that new workloads placed on metadata drove the industry to treat metadata as a first-class citizen. The "interspersal" technique used by most NAS devices did not lend itself to the new workloads. As a result, the industry evolved (yet again) in response to these new applications and facilitated the rise of object-based storage systems.

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