Have Fun At Work!

Fun is no longer part of the business equation. Our focus on productivity, quality, and cost has killed it. Killed it dead. Vital few, return on investment, Gantt charts, project plans, and criminal number one – PowerPoint. I can’t stand it.

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Innovation Flow – personal mastery explored

Mastery, unconscious competence, effortless genius. These are all ways to describe the state of ‘flow’. At a personal level, innovation excellence relies on our ability to master the state of effortless genius. What can we learn about ‘flow’ from music that we can transfer to the world of innovation and personal excellence?

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Innovating Fast and Slow

In recent years our understanding of the workings of the brain has increased dramatically. Science has provided meaningful insights into the mechanics of how we think, with business implications for everything from marketing to organizational behavior. Innovators, too, can benefit from these findings.

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