Unacceptable Face of Innovation

Innovation in medicine, material science and many other areas has made life better for many people. But there is another side to innovation that is rarely discussed. Many innovations are designed to be labor saving. With the world population increasing labor saving innovation can only eventually lead to economic collapse and social unrest.

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Fund the Future, not the past

Two pieces of legislation proposed earlier this summer -- the America Innovates Act (bill proposed April, 2012) and the Startup 2.0 Act (revised in May, 22, 2012) share a common goal: to improve the flow of university research to society and thereby, increase industry innovation and create startups that create jobs. After that, their similarity ends. These two bills reflect the Great Debate: are university commercialization efforts just underfunded, or are they underperforming?

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Part II – Diversity in University Technology Transfer Strategy

Like socks labeled “one size fits all,” “one size fits all” university technology commercialization strategy is actually “one size fits no one.” There’s a yawning chasm between diverse, local realities, and what ultimately gets passed off as strategy in mainstream tech transfer policy discussions, scholarly articles, and training workshops. This article is Part II of an earlier article that explored five common challenges in bringing university research to market that hold true at many universities in the U.S.

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