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Where Do You Put the Creativity?

One of the principle differences between anticonventional thinking (ACT) and most other forms of idea generation, such as brainstorming, creative problem solving (CPS) and scamper, is in where you should focus your creative thinking. Almost every creative thinking tool or process encourages you to be creative with ideas. It seems logical, doesn't it?

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Innovation and the Bystander Effect

Are our colleagues susceptible to the Bystander Effect when working on innovation initiatives? In the field of social psychology, the Bystander Effect refers to the phenomenon in which a person in a crowd is less likely to take direct action in a difficult situation than would be the case if that same person were to encounter the situation alone or in a much smaller group.

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Five Free Nine Innovation Roles Gifts

I increasingly cringe every time I see a new article talking about someone's innovator's DNA or innovation personality, or other similar lines of thinking or frameworks that insinuate that people are either innovative or not, or that some people are more innovative than others. It's just not true. I’m a firm believer that it’s not personalities that matter so much when it comes to innovation, it’s the roles that we play in making innovation happen (or not).

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