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How Open Innovation Increases Consumer Value

Fast Company magazine recently named Nike the most innovative company of 2013, largely based upon a revolutionary new fitness monitoring bracelet called the FuelBand. The FuelBand has helped transform Nike from an apparel manufacturer to a technology, data and services company integrated into their consumers daily lifestyle. Nike simply could not acquire all the aspects of expertise required, and get the product to market quickly, without utilizing Open Innovation.

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(Mis)understanding Technology…

It is misguided, if not dangerous, to try to judge new technology in the context of old paradigms. Completely different forces are being uncovered and put to wholly distinctive uses. A supersonic flight will always be subject to the limits of Newtonian physics; a Skype call is not. Let me explain why 140 characters is better than a flying car...

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Midden Innovation

If you combine the notion that companies typically repeat past behaviors with the realization that any good-sized firm is likely to have a historical record of assessments of its previous issues in the form of old consulting reports or shelfware, then a possible source for innovation inspiration could be...

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