Top 20 Innovation Articles of July 2019

Drum roll please… At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Innovation Excellence. We also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our FREE email newsletter. Did your favorite make the cut? But enough delay, here are July’s twenty most popular innovation posts: Materials Science ...

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This One Thing is the Foundation of Trust

According to Ray Dalio, Jeff Bezos, and the Dalai Lama We often think of trust as something we inject into a relationship. Not so. Trust is an output built on something much deeper. Some time ago, I wrote an Inc. column on the topic of trust. In the last few months, that column has started to get renewed attention. I ...

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Leaders Need Members – Optimizing versus Maximising

I help businesses innovate their business more quickly than they innovate their products. What that means is I help businesses modernize their leadership to become more coaching and co-constructive. I help businesses create cooperation across silos. I help businesses engage their customers, to co-create their products. And I help businesses to integrate their commercial and their innovation functions, so that ...

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3 Ways Our Bias to Oversimplify the Future Hurts Innovation

Estimates that attempt to quantify failure rates for innovative products and services typically sit in a range somewhere between 70-95%. As an innovator, I find this an uncomfortably large number, especially given how much time and money we invest in innovation processes, consumer research and market modeling.  But as disappointing as these numbers are, the reality may be even worse, as ...

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Steve Jobs Leadership Masterclass – in Four Words

Here’s What’s Wrong With Your Great Idea - Innovation Excellence

We love to complicate leadership in countless books, articles, and insights, but there is no formula. However, there is this gem that guides all great leaders. I’ve got a leadership challenge for you. You can do better. Read on. If the rift in popular sentiment around political leadership tells us anything, it’s that we still value leaders, especially great ones. ...

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