Three Tips on Organizational Change

The essence of timing, improvisation and exiting the realm of reason Leading innovation in organizations calls for changing strategies (objectives, business models), structures (processes, systems, hierarchies and ways of working) and cultures (behaviors, attitudes and organizational norms). Some attempts at deep transformational change succeed (IBM and Whirlpool are well documented) and many fail (Kodak and Borders books come to mind). ...

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The Unintended Consequences of IoT (Internet of Things) Deployment

Three of the most hyped technologies in recent years include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Thing (IoT). And how do I know that they are hyped? Because in August 2018, Gartner published its latest hype cycle report for emerging technologies, putting IoT barely past the “peak of inflated expectations” (that’s when we believe the technology can do everything, ...

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The fine art of inNOvation

Business plan. Those two words have been used a lot to kill a lot of innovative ideas. Yet, it persists in the entrepreneurial consciousness. It’s a mainstay in the manager’s tool box. Sure, it you are going to ask for money, you will in all likelihood need to write a business plan. But, so few entrepreneurs actually get to that stage, ...

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When Innovation Goes Wrong, We Shouldn’t Blame Technology, But Ourselves

When I speak at conferences, I’ve noticed that people are increasingly asking me about the unintended consequences of technological advance. As our technology becomes almost unimaginably powerful, there is growing apprehension and fear that we will be unable to control what we create. This, of course, isn’t anything new. When trains first appeared, many worried that human bodies would melt ...

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Are You Ready for the Biggest Economic and Social Shift of the Past 100 Years?

The changes coming in driverless vehicles are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s yet to come is nothing short of unimaginable. The constant chatter about driverless, autonomous, and electric vehicles is nearly deafening. Yet, in all of that noise what’s most often missed is that the implications these trends will have go well beyond the obvious changes in the ...

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Innovation is the Means, Not an End in Itself

Innovation is like choosing the right tool

Innovation is all the rage, and for good reason. The most successful innovators outperform other companies by a wide margin. For example, according to the 2018 Global Innovation 1000 study, the sales growth of top innovators was 2.6 times and the operating income growth 2.5 times that of the average of the companies in the study. Even more startling is ...

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Intuition is Essential for Innovation

Woman blindfolded

In 1996 I conducted a large research program on leadership development. I had been a director in multinationals for a long time, and was frustrated by the lack of behavioural results the leadership curriculum was generating. So I set out to find out what actually helped business leaders to learn. One of the outcomes of the research was that top ...

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The New ‘Golden Age’ of Medicine

There’s No Better Time to Be a Doctor Victor Fuchs and Mark Cullen published an article in JAMA questioning the impact changes in health care systems have on doctors. The authors argue that the medical education establishment should respond to such changes with curriculum reform that includes, among other things, health economics and population health. They further provide a short history of health ...

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Digital Transformation Is Human Transformation

A decade ago, many still questioned the relevance of digital technology. While Internet penetration was already significant, e-commerce made up less than 4% of retail sales. Mobile and cloud computing were just getting started and artificial intelligence was still more science fiction than reality. Yet today, all of those things are not only viable technologies, but increasingly key to effectively ...

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