What to do with your doctor cash cows?

A recent report from Merritt Hawkins indicated that the average employed physician generates over $1.5M to their employer. Also, while there is a lot of noise about value based and bundled payment, the reality in the examining room is  “the healthcare environment remains solidly rooted in fee-for-service and other forms of volume-based reimbursement. According to a recent Health Affairs study, 94.7% of physician office visits were ...

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Capitalism isn’t broken. It’s been high-jacked.

We live in tense times. In our era even seen systemic and corporate fraud at SkyTel, Enron, and others. We’ve watched our tax dollars bail out many of the largest banks and insurance companies. We’ve witnessed a huge economic shift that favors the very wealthy and minimizes the Middle Class. We’ve wondered why CEO pay has risen to the level ...

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Why Winning a Trade War Can Lose the U.S. Battle over Innovation

For years, American companies have complained that foreign competitors, the Japanese in the past, and more recently, the Chinese, were stealing, borrowing, and copying intellectual properties. These complaints against copycats that foreign theft of American trade secrets runs up an estimated cost of “between $225 billion and $600 billion annually,” according to the United States Trade Representative, is not entirely ...

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How the U.S. government can boost startups, innovation, and jobs!

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law by President Obama in May 2012. The idea was to relax regulations that prevented or slowed early stage investments by non-institutional investors. One of the main achievements of the new law was to allow crowdfunding. Until that point, private investment was limited by the SEC to accredited investors, and only up to 50 of those, ...

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Can we fix our broken economy with a guaranteed income?

Automation, robotics, displaced workers, outsourcing, offshoring, near-shoring, smartsourcing… These are all words that strike fear into the ordinary working man and woman, American, or otherwise… Now comes a new set of words from the intelligentsia promising to fix it all for the common person, phrases like “guaranteed income” and “universal income” have emerged into the conversation. But can schemes like ...

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Innovation Should Not Ignore Privacy or Security Risks

Innovation Should Not Ignore Privacy or Security Risks - Innovation Excellence

Will new laws ignore privacy dangers inherent in self-driving cars? Even as the country still reels from revelations that almost 2.5 million more people were affected by the recent Equifax than previously thought (bringing the current total up to 145.5 million), the senate has introduced legislation regarding advanced testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles without addressing privacy or security measures. ...

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