Book Review

It's About Hubris, Stupid

Book Review of “How the Mighty Fall” by Bob Donnelly Jim Collins, the well known author of “Good to Great” and coauthor of “Built to Last” has done it again in this book that explains why successful companies stumble, and eventually fail; or are able to recover and continue. His analysis is captured in clear examples of what he calls ...

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Book Review – "Innovation Tournaments"

A few weeks ago I received “Innovation Tournaments” by Christian Terwiesch and Karl T. Ulrich in the mail. “Innovation Tournaments” is a relatively short, easy, and pleasant read. This book is definitely one of my favorite innovation books to date as it covers concepts clearly and in an accessible way. Wharton professors Terwiesch and Ulrich have chosen to focus their ...

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The Carrot Principle – Pixar Style

I’ll be publishing a book review of “Conquering Innovation Fatigue” soon, and for a bit of fun I thought we could flashback to a book I reviewed in June 2009 – “The Carrot Principle” – Pixar-style: It just goes to show that not paying attention to the rewards and recognition for your most valuable resource (your employees), can result in ...

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