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The Moonshot to Create the Next Google

Nothing is older than the argument that large companies can’t capitalize on their innovations. Will this be the company that disproves that? Moonshots are always one part flight-of-fancy, one part brilliance, and 98 parts risk. “Eventually you’ll fail to fail.” – X Captain of Moonshots, Astro Teller I grew up in an era of moonshots. Few things in history have ...

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Are You Ready for the Biggest Economic and Social Shift of the Past 100 Years?

The changes coming in driverless vehicles are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s yet to come is nothing short of unimaginable. The constant chatter about driverless, autonomous, and electric vehicles is nearly deafening. Yet, in all of that noise what’s most often missed is that the implications these trends will have go well beyond the obvious changes in the ...

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Let’s Stop Calling it ‘Artificial’ Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the Consulting Industry

The fatal flaw in AI isn’t the technology or its intelligence, it’s something far more difficult to change. Air France flight 447 wasn’t doomed because its technology couldn’t handle the weather but because its pilot wasn’t able to weather the storm. The challenge of artificial intelligence isn’t so much the technology as it is our own attitude about machines and ...

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Why Tesla Shareholder Tried and Failed to Remove Elon Musk as Chairman

Musk has become synonymous with Tesla, but that also comes with a risk that some of Tesla’s shareholders are unwilling to take. Tesla shareholders met on June 5th for its annual Meeting of Stockholders. One of the proposals, brought forth by Tesla shareholder Jing Zhao, was Musk’s replacement as Chairman of the Board with an independent Chairman. There’s nothing especially ...

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The One Thing Never To Do When You Negotiate

Negotiating can be terrifying, emotional, and frustrating. But don’t let that lead you to making this one crucial mistake. Negotiation has a reputation problem. Most people see it as a way to manipulate others to do their bidding. Much of that comes from the way negotiation is portrayed in popular media. The quintessential negotiator is the one who cleverly plays ...

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