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Pop Culture 101 for the In-novator

Innovation is not just a matter of getting new products out the door. It is often just doing things in a different way or, even better, doing different things. Some of us are in-novator in that our innovations stay within our organization. It is not an easier process though. We want things to change, people to move on, teams to ...

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Innovation and Business Models

Which must come first? by Stephanie Baron Day one of the EPIC conference convinced us that open innovation, while not being a one size fits all, can be tried and will deliver results in every industry. Chicken first! Day two of the conference embarked us on exploring new business models in those open partnerships systems. We started with a chicken ...

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Open Innovation from the Inside Out

Yesterday, the City Winery in Manhattan was closed to the general public as it opened a space for innovation specialists who convened to figure out how we can better commercialize innovation. For three full days EPIC 2010 brings together entrepreneurs and global leaders in R&D, innovation, engineering, strategy, marketing, business development, legal, IP and finance. The conference kicked off on ...

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