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Are you Leaving Money on the Table with Stage-Gate®?

Most new product development and Stage-Gate® processes do not manage value and pricing with intention. Most firms rely on legacy pricing levels, competitive pricing levels or their internal cost information to price their innovation opportunities in the Stage-Gate® process. That might explain why a vast majority of new product and service launches are failures.

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The First 90 Days

The First 90 Days written by Michael Watkins offers some excellent tips on how to start in a new role and how to analyze the challenge ahead for any leader taking over an organization. I have been able to apply them quickly at every company I worked for as most of them needed an “innovation turn-around” to “wake up” the organization, to remove all organizational roadblocks, and to face tough economic market

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Pricing Disruption

The words disrupt and disruption are used more and more in the areas of business strategy and innovation. For me the word disruption in business, innovation and pricing conveys a sense of dynamism, pro-activeness and counter-intuitiveness that can generate excitement in markets.

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